Home Control

Home Control

Residential System Interface


What would you like to do?

After a room has been selected, options for that room will appear.  Here a user can choose a video or music source, lights, climate controls, or security.


Controlling your devices

When a source has been selected for a room, the main functions for that source are displayed and additional functions can easily be accessed through navigation tabs.


Play it in other rooms

An overlay menu where users can choose additional rooms for that source, see what other sources are in use, adjust volume in any area, and turn rooms off.


Control all the systems in your home

Drawer menu navigation on every page gives users quick access to select rooms and sub-systems to control at any time.


Adjust the lights

Users can select an area from a list and easily control lighting levels and scenes.  When a room is selected from the rooms page, it will automatically be selected here.


Set the temperature

Users can see what the temperature is around the house and make adjustments from anywhere.  Schedules can be set for different times of day and days of the week.


For all of your devices

The system is designed to be flexible by allowing users to control everything from a mobile interface with a feeling that is consistent with the tablet experience.